A 3680-Tudhope East-Fog-150 x 75

A modernist city in transformation, from Gold Rush mining town to multi-national African metropolis,
signifying hope for thousands who journey South towards an elusive pot of gold, floating in an underground acid mine river,
witness to the simultaneous collapse of infrastructure – as gold & sated pockets disappear to greener pastures.

When sanctions finally took hold in the mid/late eighties, high rise towers froze next to small overfilled houses,
A unique urban fabric of modernist infrastructure, transformed into a frenzied African marketplace – a state of arrested development.
Within this desperate battle for survival many tales unfold, from empty mine-dumps to Townships to inner city JHB.

The inner city images are mostly nocturnal, as night reveals layers of structure previously unseen,
demography vs landscape, fear vs beauty, many of which are not visible by day: (IN)Visible City – Italo Calvino.

Composite high resolution images are produced from numerous individually processed, manual focus, high resolution long exposures. Large archival matte prints capture the experience of an African inner city, dramatically altered since its first democracy in 1994.

City-scapes dating from 2010 – 2013 are often from high vantage points over the city, on surrounding buildings.
Access is usually gained by polite request, or when security guards change shift, working alone to avoid a threat to those afraid of crime & retribution. From 2013 long exposure panoramic images are shot closer to the ground, to capture the spirit of the city from street level, avoiding eye contact with many foreigners & confrontation with those who desperately need food in an empty stomach or another fix.