A 7197-Wemmer-quarry-T-222-

Amongst the forest of steel, brick, concrete & glass are tiny pockets of forgotten nature, those haunting tracts of land miraculously forgotten by city developers. In this urban desert nature demonstrates its resilience, the power to heal despite our toxic waste, so eloquently named by Gilles Clement:

“The Third Landscape – an undetermined fragment of the Plantary Garden -designates the sum of the space left over by man to landscape evolution – to nature alone. Included in this category are left behind (délaissé) urban or rural sites, transitional spaces, neglected land” http://www.gillesclement.com/art-454-tit-The-Third-Landscape

Unauthorised entry with Armin Linke (the Anthropocene Observatory) at Dusk, captures man-made archeology in strata of mining soil, now recycled for more gold, the immense volume cut & fissured by water cannon, with toxic waste as the last remaining liquid asset.

B 7197-Wemmer-quarry-T-222-x-55,5 copy

C 7197-Wemmer-quarry-T-222-x-55,5